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The 5 Best Walks in Capitola, CA

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Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just looking for an easy walk to do with the family, Capitola Village has some great trails to check out. From coastal hikes with stunning views to wooded paths that wind through the hills, here are five of our favorite hiking trails in Capitola.

So lace up your shoes and get ready for some beautiful scenery!

#1 Low Tide Walk

Often a minus tide will offer passage along the base of the cliffs leading to New Brighton Beach. The walk sports numerous tidepools, sea life, and sandstone encased shells. The distance to the historic Cement Ship is approximately two miles, but the walk along New Brighton can extend many more. The base of the cliffs can be found a few blocks from 307 Capitola Ave, just past the outdoor amphitheater.(Disclaimer: This walk requires close supervision of children and an understanding of the tides)

#2 River Walk

This crushed granite trail follows along Soquel Creek, offering lush foliage, a rustic train trestle, and an assortment of ducks & seagulls. The path is no more than a half-mile in length. The trail begins just before the Stockton Bridge, which is right around the corner from 307 Capitola Avenue.

#3 Pleasure Point

This walk leads you over the Stockton Bridge and up Cliff Drive. A ½ mile in, take a left on Opal Cliff. Then a little over ½ mile further, take a left on 41st. This will bring you to the cliffs overlooking numerous surf spots. Walking along the cliffs to Pleasure Point and beyond offers beautiful ocean views and the chance to see hundreds of surfers in action. The distance from 307 Capitola to Pleasure Point County Park is approximately 1.7 miles.

#4 Concrete Steps at Depot Hill

Most hours you can find workout enthusiasts trekking up and down the concrete stairs leading to the Depot Hill neighborhood. One walk up the stairs is enough to kick your heart into a higher gear. The immediate vista at the top of the stairs provides a “top of the world” view of the village, the wharf, and the waters beyond. Walking around the corner brings you to cliffs along the ocean, where people often watch the beginner surfers below. While up on Depot Hill, you may want to stroll through the neighborhoods in search of your perfect vacation home. The walk can be as little as a 1/4 mile, or it can lead to endless wandering around Depot Hill. 

#5 Cliff Top Walk

Head up Monterey Avenue and take a right on Escalona Drive. At the end of Escalona, you will find a trail skirting a black, metal fence. The trail leads down to a seasonal creek and up the other side, where you will find a small, paved area. Cross it and the trail resumes, taking you out to some of the more picturesque Capitola Cliffs. The walk is about a mile but can be extended to take in New Brighton beach and the Cement Ship. Following the train tracks from the cliffs for about a ¼ mile will bring you to a trail leading to New Brighton. (This walk requires close supervision of children and an abundance of caution near the cliffs) 

With its stunning coastline and abundance of natural beauty, it’s no wonder that Capitola is a popular destination for walkers. From easy coastal walks to more challenging routes through the hills, we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite walks in this lovely seaside town. So put on your walking shoes and explore all that Capitola has to offer!

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